Monday miscellany

  • This week's must-read article is Atul Gawande on "Big Medicine," comparing it to, of all things, the Cheesecake Factory. The sections on quality control and efficiency at the restaurant chain are incredible, and the description of the ICU command center will make you think it's science fiction (though of course it's not). For some follow-up, here are responses by Karen GrepinAustin Frakt, and more Austin Frakt. (Update: here's an interesting, critical take on the subject.)
  • Practice Fusion has taken a a big (HIPAA-friendly) dataset from their work with health insurance records and claims in the US and made it available for a data analysis contest: Analyze This! Also, here's an interesting post from them on syndromic surveillance.
  • Mainly Macro on how a memo by Greg Mankiw and John Taylor for the Romney campaign is giving economics a bad name.
  • Indolaysia on "Policy analysis without causal identification: gun ownership and state terror" in two parts: part 1 and part 2. Includes .do file to replicate his analysis.
  • Worth re-reading given recent events: Ryan Lizza's profile of Paul Ryan.
  • Simply Statistics wonders what your CV would look like if you included all the things you failed to do.
  • And a bit off topic but still fun: the history of rock & roll, the world's biggest wave, and Where the Hell is Matt (2012).