Coast to coast

One of my classmates drove from Los Angeles to Princeton and set up his camera to take photos along the way. He edited the results into this video:

In his words: "California to Jersey, 5,000+ photos, 2,800+ miles, 45 hours of driving, 0 speeding tickets, 1 driving hero." And yes, they stopped to sleep (though maybe not enough).

Things to watch for include the moon, the palms trees at the beginning, the changes in lighting (including sunrise around 1:40), and how many tractor-trailers they pass. But what strikes me the most is the uniformity of the road system -- the two-lane interstate highway, the road markings, the signs, the road-side stops. As outdated as our transportation system is, it's still a phenomenal public good when you compare it to what came before. It took Lewis and Clark a lot longer and they didn't even go as far.