Monday Miscellany

  • Jon Krakauer is still following the Three Cups of Tea / Central Asia Institute scandal. (Link via @saundra_s)
  • "The accidental universe" is a great essay in Harpers by Alan Lightman on the current state of physics and theories of the multiverse. (Link via @cblatts)
  • My fellow classmates and I will be writing many letters like this in the next few months.
  • Seth Berkley, the new head of the GAVI Alliance, has started blogging. Before GAVI he started the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI).
  • The Walton family opened Crystal Bridges, an art museum in northwestern Arkansas with quite the collection -- here's the NYT review. Bentonville is nearly a four hour drive from Searcy, where I'm spending the holidays, so I'm not sure I'll make it on this visit. Still it should be a boon for Arkansas tourism, which I believe is Arkansas' second largest industry after agriculture.
  • Finally, here's Owen Barder's take on what happened at the high-level summit on aid effectiveness in Busan, South Korea: "Busan was an expression of new geopolitical realities, but despite high level representation, it has done little to shape the future of development cooperation."