Monday Miscellany

Oxfam on the worsening situation in the Horn of Africa. Related: Edward Carr on "Drought Does Not Equal Famine" from 4 days ago,and a follow-up from yesterday on remedies for the famine. Texas in Africa has a round-up on what's going on in Malawi.

NPR: Vaccine Mistrust Spreads To The Developing World - this was a subject of some discussion in Orin Levine's Vaccine Policy Issues class at Hopkins this spring.

The Economist summarizes a likely rough patch ahead in South African politics.

On two lighter, linguistic notes: 15 wonderful words with no English equivalent and the Economist demolishes BBC's "anti-Americanisms."

Also, Campus Crusade for Christ has rebranded itself -- now it's just called "Cru" (from Hemant Mehta, not The Onion.)