Monday Miscellany

  • Alex Strick van Linschoten writes about "Five Things David Petraeus Wants You to Believe" about the war in Afghanistan. Van Linschoten's five things are: (spoiler: he doesn't think you should believe them) 1) The momentum has shifted in our favor, 2) "The Night Raids and Targeting of the Insurgency’s Leadership is an Effective Tool," 3) "The Military Effort is Subservient to Broader Political Goals," 4) "Mullah Mohammad Omar is irrelevant," 5) "Don’t mind the Afghan Government."
  • Patient safety is not improving at US hospitals despite lots of efforts to reverse the trend. Maybe the moral is that changing big institutions is really hard, even in a wealthy country that spends a huge chunk of its GDP on health care.
  • Roving Bandit writes about being censored for blogging about development work.
  • Chris Blattman on whether Brazil, China, India, and South Africa should get UN Security Council seats.
  • Ian Desai writes about the largely-hidden assistants who helped make Gandhi great.