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Friday photo: Wenchi Crater Lake

Wenchi Crater Lake is a long-ish day trip from Addis Ababa. The former volcanic cone is filled with a lake and hiking trails, and there’s even a monastery on an island in the middle of the lake. Here’s a panorama shot from near the top of the trail, made from five photos stitched together (click for higher resolution):


10 2012

Friday photos: Meskel

Last week Ethiopia celebrated Meskel, a major holiday that commemorates the discovery of the “one true cross” on which Jesus was crucified. Meskel Square in Addis is the place to be — “meskel” means cross in Amharic.

Orthodox priests and actors surround the cross (yes, the thing that looks like a Christmas tree to American eyes):

Everyone brings candles, and at dusk they’re lit in a slow wave moving across the square:

The roar of the crowd grows until the cross is lit:


As the fire dies down the crowd scattered — but this drumming and singing circle stuck around for quite a while:


10 2012

Best billboard ever?

I have no idea whether this is an effective ad… but:

(Also note the address at the bottom: there’s no commonly-used system for designating addresses in Addis — or most road names for that matter — so directions often simply describe a general area close to some landmark.)


09 2012

Friday photos

On the drive to Jimma, the birthplace of coffee:


09 2012

Friday photos

These photos are of the construction site next to my office in Addis — the quality isn’t that great, but I still think they’re interesting. Some observations on this site:

  1. progress is slow
  2. manual labor is substituted for capital-intensive technology wherever possible
  3. the scaffolding is made by hand on site
  4. there’s absolutely no protective gear (no hard hats, no harnesses while hanging off the flimsy handmade scaffolding), and
  5. women are surprisingly well-represented (at least at this site).


09 2012

Friday photos

Rainy season:

The countryside near Lalibela:


08 2012

Friday photos

The fantastic St. George’s church at Lalibela, carved out of a hillside from solid rock:

St. George's church

St. George's


08 2012

Friday photos

The Saturday market at Lalibela:

the Lalibela market

I loved the impressionist texture of the moss growing on the side of one of the churches at Lalibela:



08 2012

Friday photos

Friday photos may be a new recurring feature on this blog — while I won’t post reviews of every place I go on weekends (or during the week for work), it’s hard to resist sharing some highlights of Ethiopia. A beautiful and fascinating country:

Medhane Alem, the largest monolithic church in the world, is just one of a dozen churches at Lalibela carved from solid rock in the 14th century AD:

Medhane Alem at Lalibela

Swimming at the “Queen of Sheba’s Bath”, in Aksum, northern Ethiopia:

Queen of Sheba's Bath, Aksum

More photos of travel around Ethiopia can be found here.


08 2012

Marabou stork

Marabou stork are some of the largest landbirds out there. Some of the ones I saw around Lake Hawasa stood as high as my chest. And unlike the storks of popular culture, these ones have been known to eat children.

Beautiful, aren’t they?…


07 2012