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Merci, FIFA

This is a French-language FIFA billboard about Ebola:


It has 11 anti-Ebola messages from famous footballers, which happen to be printed small enough to be unreadable from the street or sidewalk.

Not that it would matter anyway: it’s on a major road in Monrovia, Liberia, where no one speaks French.


04 2015

Uganda is beautiful

I’ve been in Uganda the last few weeks helping with the implementation of a large scale survey: a representative national household survey and survey of drug retailers and healthcare providers, all focused on the availability and usage of essential medicines for childhood illness. The system we’ve set up is pretty cool, with data collection on Android tablets via ODK meta and real time checks for data quality (by teams, individual interviewers, and individual interviews) and feedback to the survey group, which I hope to write up at a later date.

In the meantime, I wanted to share some photos of Uganda, which is really, really beautiful. There’s a whole album here, and below are some highlights:






10 2014

Friday photos: Drakensburg Mountains


09 2014

Friday photos: Bali & Tanzania

I’ve been remiss in blogging about serious things, and this post won’t help on that front. Real writing resumes next week…

Tanzania pt I – Ol Doinyo Lengai (an active volcano), waterfall, and Lake Natron:

Tanzania pt II – Tarangire and Ngorongoro National Parks: 

Tanzania pt III – more Zanzibar photos:

Bali photos:


07 2014

Friday photo: Upanga, Dar es Salaam

The view from my (temporary) window, click for the zoomed in view:

This is at low tide — most of the sand in the distance is covered when it comes in. On the horizon on the right side you can see the line of ships heading into the Dar harbor

Also, Wednesday I was taking a Skype call with a colleague looking out this window and saw a whale in the distance. Having never really lived on the ocean before, that’s pretty cool.


02 2014

Friday photos: Lesotho

Lesotho is underrated as a travel destination:

(That’s Maletsunyane Falls.)


01 2014

Friday photos: Cape Town

From back in November:

And a few panoramas from the same trip:


01 2014

Friday photos: Simien Mountains panoramas

Sunset panorama made from seven photos stitched together — taken from a ridge above Geech Camp in the Simien Mountains (click for higher resolution version):

And a daytime panorama from somewhere below Sankaber Camp:


12 2012

Friday photos: Gelada baboons

The Simien Mountains in Ethiopia’s north are swarming with Gelada baboons (which aren’t actually baboons). Below are some photos I took of them over Thanksgiving break:

And an interesting fact about the mountains, from Wikipedia:

Although the word Semien means “north” in Amharic, according to Richard Pankhurst the ancestral form of the word actually meant “south” in Ge’ez, because the mountains lay to the south of Aksum, which was at the time the center of Ethiopian civilization. But as over the following centuries the center of Ethiopian civilization itself moved to the south, these mountains came to be thought of as lying to the north, and the meaning of the word likewise changed.


12 2012

Friday photos: Somaliland

I have lots of thoughts on my trip about one month ago to Somaliland, as it’s a fascinating place — highly recommended in particular for students of public policy or development. But those will have to wait for future posts as I’m swamped for now with work, my Masters thesis, and some other projects. In the meantime, this is Hargeisa:

Above, a major mosque. Below, the street scene downtown:

The animal market:

And here’s me with a moneychanger and stacks of Somaliland shillings:


11 2012