Monday miscellany

A day late, but "Tuesday miscellany" loses the alliteration:

  • "Promoting professional networks at work", by Ian Thorpe, who writes the blog "Knowledge Management on a Dollar a Day". This post has a lot of practical advice for organizations, especially when onboarding new staff.
  • "Does it take a village?" by Paul Starobin in Foreign Policy, examines Jeff Sachs, the Millennium Villages Project, and their evaluation plans. For those who have been following the subject for a while there's some interesting background material worked into the piece that I hadn't read before.
  • "On what do health economists agree?" asks the Incidental Economist. The penultimate point (on inequality) is the only one I thought didn't seem widely agreed, and the blog comments concur.
  • Causal inference: extrapolating from sample to population, via the Monkey Cage. This paper argues that findings done with multiple regression from supposedly representative samples aren't necessarily representative; seems likely to become widely read and discussed.
  • Berk Ozler of the World Bank Development Impact blog shares some enlightening comparisons of medical and economic journals.
  • Finally, Hans Rosling explains population growth and climate change (with Legos!).