Monday Miscellany

Just one final exam to go. For now, some links:

  • The fascinating emergence of a scholarly citation cartel.
  • The TV show House is coming to a close. If you're a fan, you might check out The Medical Detectives -- many of the plot lines from the first season of House were drawn from it. The main difference is that in The Medical Detectives (and the real world) most good things are accomplished by hard-working teams of doctors and epidemiologists, rather than (mostly) solitary diagnostic genius.
  • More from Ed Yong on replication failures in psychological research. Berk Ozler disagrees.
  • "Straight white male is the lowest difficulty setting there is" -- a way of explaining adversity and discrimination to those innumerate enough to not understand that anecdotes do not disprove averages. For the record,  I was always bad at video games and chose the easiest level.
  • Chemistry blogger Derek Lowe discusses a preventative trial for Alzheimer's.
  • Finally, the authors of Disastrous Passion, the hilarious online novel about aid workers in love, announced they're going to finish it up and release it as an ebook. But they also note "At this point the manuscript is being edited and revised, some chapters overhauled, sub-plot lines cleaned up." I'm a bit worried that my favorite minor character may get cut: he resembles someone I've criticized and is (coincidence?) named Brett...