Monday Miscellany

  • Today is the 2012 "Day Without Dignity." What's that? Saundra S of the blog Good Intentions Are Not Enough explains: "A Day Without Dignity was started last year as a counter-campaign to TOMs Shoes One Day Without Shoes event. With so many Whites in Shining Armor projects making the news we decided this year to focus on local champions instead." There are 24 posts and counting for Local Champions linked here, or you can follow #localchampions on Twitter.
  • Lee Crawfurd shares this post by Gabriel Demombynes at the World Bank's Development Impact blog, a fascinating comparison of an intervention implemented simultaneously by an NGO and a government, resulting in quite different results.
  • Alex Evans explores what comes after the Millennium Development Goals.
  • Do child sponsorship programs actually work? Maybe so.
  • "Interactive Islands of Mankind" is a simple but sweet interactive tool by Derek Watkins that lets you see variations in population density around the world.
  • Finally, a hilarious Public Service Announcement regarding safe sex for senior citizens is going viral (pun intended). No comment on whether this will be effective, but it is certainly getting some attention.