Monday Miscellany

  • Erin Fletcher reviews Matt Yglesias' new book, The Rent is Too Damn High, and summarizes it nicely along the way.
  • What does transportation legislation have to do with public health? More than you might think: which systems our government chooses to subsidize have a huge though indirect impact on decisions we make on where to live and how to get around, which in turn impact exercise and obesity. The Pump Handle - a public health blog - talks about the current transportation bill here.
  • A fascinating controversy is unfolding in experimental psychology (specifically on priming effects) after researchers attempted to replicate a seminal finding and came up short. Discussion here.
  • Andrew Gelman's blog is read by social scientists of many stripes -- from statisticians to political scientists and economists -- so when he titles a post "Economics now = Freudian psychology in the 1950s..." you know the comments will be good.
  • "How sure are you that your models are correct?" asks Observational Epidemiology: "This is not to say that we should be reckless. But policies like austerity in a time of high unemployment have immediate and real costs." Read the rest here.