Monday Miscellany

  • If you're considering grad school in international development / public policy / public health you should read these recent posts by Rachel Strohm and Karen Attiah. They write specifically about development studies, but in my limited experience the criticism can be extended to schools of public health and more broadly to policy schools as well.
  • I updated my post from October on Andrew Grove's proposal to restyle FDA trials with a link to Derek Lowe's round-up of critical responses, which help explain why our drug approval system - flawed though it may be - could be made much worse by such reforms.
  • Potentially useful: a list of software for monitoring and evaluation.
  • Ever wanted an infographic of the deadliest outbreaks in history? Now you have one. Of course, Steven Pinker would want to resize all of these to be relative to the world population at the time of the pandemic...
  • Brazil pharma pressure and Wikileaks at Foreign Policy.
  • Here's a critical essay by David Rieff from a while back - "Altruists in Wonderland: UN Millennium Development Goals."
  • Completely unrelated to anything else I've read lately, but still fascinating: Justinian and the Nike riots.
  • From Flowing Data: US road fatalities mapped over 9 years: