Monday Miscellany

  • Tara Parker-Pope writes "The Fat Trap," a long essay in the New York Times on obesity. (And here's a thoughtful response from Rod Dreher.) Update: also see this by Aaron Carroll on the same subject.
  • Dave Algoso reminds us that -- whether with Google Reader or in international development -- "if you're not paying for it then you're not the customer. You're the product."
  • The Economist explores cases where militaries own sizable chunks of the non-military economy, including Egypt and Iran.
  • Wronging Rights sighs: "human rights for gays somehow still a point of controversy."
  • How does Prozac work? In short, we don't know.
  • Have you seen this incredible chart from Mother Jones on the recent history of bank mergers?
  • A fascinating and terrifying story about a cargo container emitting massive radiation and how no one could decide what to do with it.