Monday Miscellany

Amanda Taub of Wronging Rights writes on private cities in Africa. Ben Goldacre explores a common statistical mistake in neuroscience journals, based on this article in Nature Neuroscience.

Over the last decade the CIA has increasingly focused on killing people.

"Pakistan views India as the perpetual enemy and the US as an unfaithful ally." (source)

The always interesting (at least for evaluation nerds) World Bank Development Impact blog has this post on "partner selection bias," which is evidently about organizations -- not STI transmission dynamics or gender roles.

Princeton professors reflect on 9/11:

When [Woodrow] Wilson School professor Stanley Katz remembers 9/11, his first thoughts are not of Sept. 11, 2001, but rather of the walk to his office in Robertson Hall the very next day. That his workplace and the now-demolished World Trade Center at the base of Manhattan Island had been designed by the same architect — Minoru Yamasaki — had never, before the morning of Sept. 12, stood out in such high relief to Katz, who began to notice eerie similarities between the buildings.