Monday Miscellany

Things and links I liked:

  • I just renewed my membership in the National Association of Rocketry (I maintain a separate rocketry blog but haven't updated in a while because it's not flying season), which includes a $2 million liability insurance policy for rocket launches. Oddly, the notice I got with my renewal says this: "NAR insurance does not cover any activities which involve use of alcoholic beverages, criminal assaults and batteries, nuclear accidents or sexual abuse." I can understand the others, but seriously, "nuclear accidents?" Was that necessary?
  • My favorite blog discovery of last week is "Covering Health" on health care journalism. Here's a post on balancing daily reporting and narratives.
  • Dave Algoso (who I met at the AidWatch conference this weekend) writes "Would you hire me if I disagreed with you? What if I did it publicly?"
  • My friend Kate Otto on planning and pregnancy in Indonesia.
  • On DFID's aid review.
  • Something that brings left and right together (sort of): cancer research.
  • The typical human is a 28 year old Chinese man.
  • For those currently applying to grad school, here's a useful video on the Harvard Kennedy School application.