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Refreshing the RSS: best global health & development blogs?

World! I started a new job 6 months ago, providing technical support and strategic guidance on research activities for 11 country offices of Population Services International (PSI), a large public health NGO with a focus on social marketing and social franchising. While I’ve been active on Twitter (@brettkeller) in the meantime, I haven’t prioritized writing anything (publicly) much lately.

I’m not the only one though: the global health and development blogosphere is a bit quieter than it used to be. Maybe it’s past its prime? But I still find most of my reading on health, data, statistics, development, and politics through RSS feeds (using Feedly). Here are some recent highlights from folks who are still writing:

As many old bloggers have moved on, I want to update my RSS feeds and add any new voices I should be reading. So either on Twitter or in the comments here, please let me know if you’ve spotted a new global health or development-oriented blog I should be following. What makes you think? What highlights good research, data, and visualization? What inspires you? I need new material.


04 2016