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My recent post asking for tips on what to read on Tanzania and Dar es Salaam yielded some great emails. I’ve compiled the recommendations and am sharing them back here:



  • Bjerk, Paul K. “Sovereignty and socialism in Tanzania: the historiography of an African state.” (PDF)
  • Lal, Priya. “Self-Reliance and the State: The Multiple Meanings of Development in Early Post-Colonial Tanzania.”



No recommendations so far, alas. Anyone?


  • quick local bite: Chef’s Pride on Morogoro Road
  • Lukas Bar on Chole Road
  • Al Basha (good Lebanese food)
  • Al-Qayam
  • Badminton Club and Retreat (Indian)

Travel and sights:

  • In Dar:¬†The National Museum¬†(on Sokoine Street). I actually visited this already and found it quite interesting, especially the exhibits on history and rock art.
  • “Zanzibar and Pemba are affordable and gorgeous and filled with history”
  • “Mikumi is a less expensive game park if that is your thing”
  • Arusha and Kilimanjaro
  • Kariakoo market (with good Swahili or a guide)
  • Udzungwa Mountains National Park (with camping gear)


  • “The coolest map remains the really simple photocopied black-and-white line one of the city center that every hotel gives out for free.”


  • Get a dictionary and go “to one of the many school supply shops to buy some elementary school Swahili books. These are books designed to teach Swahili to students in the interior who are only generally only hearing Swahili at school (sometimes church), and they’ll definitely get you up to speed.”
  • Live Lingua has the Peace Corps’ Swahili resources.


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    Hi Brett! Happy to stumble across your website. My husband and I just moved to Tanzanian two months ago and keep a blog, From Tanzania With Love, at http://www.leenhome.blogspot.com. Although we have been staying in Musoma, we will be moving permanently to Mwanza in the next few months. Thanks for these recommendations! Always looking for new reading material.

    In terms of news, I would also add Africa Is A Country (http://africasacountry.com/), Africa Up Close (http://africaupclose.wilsoncenter.org/), and John Campbell’s blog (http://blogs.cfr.org/campbell/). And of course, All Africa. Cheers!

  2. Paul Bjerk #

    I was looking up citations for administrative purposes and ran across your blog. A great blog for Tanzania is the Mikocheni Report http://mikochenireport.blogspot.com/ is a great little blog that the author expanded into a regular column in the EastAfrican. Unfortunately its been a little scarce for updates lately. All the best, Paul

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