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When I moved to Ethiopia I posted a bleg (blog request) asking for reading suggestions: blogs, novels, history, academic papers, etc., and got some very useful feedback — some in the comments and some by email.

I’m moving to Dar es Salaam this week, where I’ll be continuing my work with CHAI but living a bit closer to the projects I’m working on. I’m interesting in reading broadly about Tanzania, and also specifically about Dar. I’d love to hear any suggestions you have for the following:

  • History books – Dar-specific, Tanzania-specific, or regional
  • Novels
  • Academic papers
  • Blogs / news / RSS to follow
  • Swahili resources (I already have several books and audio guides, but I’m curious what media others have watched or activities you’ve done that facilitated learning Swahili)
  • Must-see travel destinations, must-eat foods, must-do activities
  • Cool maps
  • Tanzania data sets / sources I should be familiar with?

I may report back with my own ideas after I’ve settled in a bit.

Update: read the recommendation I’ve received so far.


02 2014

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    I have a blog that discussed the work of Unite the World with Africa in Tanzania and have many stories posted over the past few years. See unitetnz.org/blog/

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    Some random things which came to mind:

    I recently read Jacob Ejersbo’s books Exile and Revolution. Bit disturbing but worth a read.
    Blog: http://mikochenireport.blogspot.com/
    Our project: http://tanzict.or.tz/
    KINU: http://www.kinu.co.tz/

    There was a big Open Map project in Tandale, Dar es Salaam, not sure what is the best site for that but google it for more info.


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