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NYC and London from the air

My recent New York to London flight featured both good approach paths and nice weather, so I snapped a few shots. Here’s New York, taking off:

And London:

I was going to include a quote here from Gotham, an epic and impressively readable history of New York City, regarding how communication and travel times between London and New York decreased during the 17th and 18th centuries, but can’t find the quote readily now… So, short version: things got faster.


06 2013

Next up!

After three years, I’m done with grad school! I finished my MSPH (Global Disease Epidemiology and Control focus) at Hopkins in late May, and my MPA (Economics and Public Policy focus) at Princeton in early June. It’s been a lot of work: 10 months of internships, 3 comprehensive qualifying exams, and a Masters thesis; plus 4 quarters of Hopkins classwork and 3 semesters of Princeton classwork for a total of 33 graduate classes. I loved being in school again — not all my classmates did — but I’m also happy to have wrapped things up. One consequence of studying applied subjects like public health and public policy is that you’re rarely delving into a subject just for kicks (at least for long); the goal is always to get out and do good work with the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired.

This week I started a job I’m really excited about: working with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)’s Applied Analytics Team. If you’re curious about CHAI here’s their about page, and this profile of Elizabeth McCarthy tells a bit more about the Applied Analytics Team (which she runs). We’re also hiring. As with my previous internships and work, I won’t be writing directly about what I’m doing much at all, but I’ll still be writing more broadly about global health and development policy. (And this is probably a good time to reiterate that the views here are just my own.) I’ll be working on projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa — I’m headed to Nigeria for a couple months on Saturday! More on that soon.

Now, back to my (ir)regular blogging…


06 2013

Several job opps

Some other good places to look for jobs: mHealth student Google group and the African Development Jobs blog.


06 2013