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It’s been a while. Some recent goodies:




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    Dear Brett,

    Thank you for your post. I reposted on Forti’s work on my blog with a few comments. I am an MSc graduate from the University of Oxford in Evidence-based Social Intervention. I’m very new to the blogosphere, however, and am slowing finding the footing for my outlet (i.e. Bell Tolling). It started as a simple place to share news and issues I felt were relevant to us all–whether or not we consciously recognized it. However, after finding and reading so many insightful and advanced analytic policy and development blogs, I might start to integrate some more advanced discoveries and observations into Bell Tolling. For instance, I might like to elucidate many of the methods of evidence-based social intervention, directed primarily at novice rather than expert readers (there is a need for this). However, I am also working with my former department at Oxford to start and evidence-based social intervention blog via students and alumni. I would more than welcome any blogging tips you might have. As well as any tipoff for blogs specific to human rights and women’s issues.

    Thanks for your great work,