Aid blogger Tom Murphy is hosting the (third?) annual Aid Blogger’s Best Awards (ABBAs). My series of posts on “Machine Gun Preacher” Sam Childers is up for the “Best Series” ABBA.

If you missed my writing on Mr Childers the first time around there’s a shorter version at Foreign Policy, a longer version here, and the latest updates on the whole sad story here.

Vote for that and the other awards at Tom’s blog, a View From the Cave.


02 2012

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    I am A person of few words,but here are a few You should read and pay attention to. I believe everyone has a right to express their opinions, But I find it disconcerting that someone such as yourself can be a critic of a Sam Childers. How do you know he has not done what he says he has? How do you know he is not a commander, do you really think they are going to admit this. I think not, it would not be to there advantage. So while you sit on your laurels in your Ivy league world,think on these things maybe dig harder into the story, Or hey go check the man out for yourself, Make your own opinion from face to face facts,instead of spouting this nonsense.

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    Daniel — did you actually read all that I wrote on Childers (mostly pulled together under the ‘Writing’ tab above? If so I think you’ll find my doubts are well-founded. For a non-Ivy, non-laurel sitting view, check out the Christianity Today reporting done on Childers as well:

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